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Access keys

Keyboard shortcuts are intended to help users who have difficulty in using pointing devices, such as a mouse. This website uses the UK government access key system. The following information details each of the keyboard shortcut commands available to you.

For Windows use Alt + key number and for Mac use Ctrl + key number (for Mac Opera browser use Shift + Esc + key number). The key numbers are as follows:

  • [S] Skip to content
  • [1] Home page
  • [2] Not in use
  • [3] Sitemap
  • [4] Not in use
  • [5] Not in use
  • [6] Not in use
  • [7] Not in use
  • [8] Privacy policy
  • [9] Not in use
  • [0] Access key details/help page (this page)
  • [C] Contact us
  • [N] News
  • [O] About us