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Why Education For All?

Very few girls from the rural communities of the High Atlas Mountains get the opportunity of continuing their education beyond primary school. Colleges, mostly several kilometers away in larger towns, are not accessible to them for two main reasons:

  1. Their parents cannot afford to pay for lodgings near colleges.
  2. Their parents do not have the confidence in existing facilities near colleges to entrust their daughters to be away from home.

Education For All has been established to help provide the opportunity of a college education for girls from rural Moroccan communities. Its first project, opened in 2007, has been to facilitate access to secondary education for up to 36 girls from the remote villages of the High Atlas Mountains by building a boarding house for them in the town of Asni.

In September 2009 we opened a second boarding house in an even more remote area of the High Atlas 100km from Marrakech in the town of Talaat n’Yacoub. This will—over a 3-year period—provide the opportunity of college education for a further 36 girls who would otherwise not have this opportunity.

Apart from a paid housemother and cook, there are no administrative expenses as both the committee and volunteers work on a voluntary basis allowing 100% of all donations (apart from justgiving’s charges) will go directly to the project.

If you have a sizeable donation to make and wish to donate directly avoiding justgiving’s charges, please use the e-mail link below.

If we could collectively make this happen it would be a major accomplishment and a legacy that we could rightly be proud of. Your help in making this happen is really needed.

“We may not individually be able to change the world but we can help to make a difference to a person’s life and indirectly many more.”

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