The Organisation

EDUCATION FOR ALL is a legally constituted ‘Association’ in Morocco that is created for the running of the boarding houses. To provide financial support, we also have a sister company, Education For All Morocco Limited with UK charity status (No: 1124500).

EFA (Morocco) employs 15 local women to run the 5 boarding houses. The UK sister charity employs a fundraiser to support the expansion of our project.

We have a Committee (Moroccan Association) and Board of Trustees (UK sister organisation).

EFA also runs an international volunteer programme, where women of different backgrounds share skills with the girls and inspire them to see how other women live, have jobs etc.

For more information, download our Strategy Document.


John Wood, the founder of Room To Read (a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting education), stayed at Kasbah du Toubkal in 2004 and met with Mike McHugo. Room To Read’s mission is to provide under-a belief that if you educate a girl you potentially educate a future generation as well. We were hugely impressed with his achievements and it was obvious there was a considerable need for better education especially for girls in Morocco.

A group of friends, many living and working in Morocco, used to occasionally get together to have a meal. It was suggested that perhaps these occasional meetings could be formalised into a monthly dining club that would raise money for this cause.

Since the beginning, many people have given their time and energy to help us get this far and raise the funds to get the first boarding houses started. We are grateful to everyone who has played a role in keeping EFA growing, with financial resources and time.

EFA also has the support and thanks of the local Governor of the Province of Al Haouz, Monsieur Bouchaib El Moutaoukil. Read his letter (in PDF)

Download our policy documents