100% of EFA Girls have passed their Baccalaureate in 2019!

For over nine years now, PURE has been supporting Education For All.

We are very thankful for the support given by PURE and you, the exhibitors and travel designers.

As many of you know, Education For All (EFA) helps girls in rural Moroccan communities to continue their education by providing quality, safe accommodation near to colleges, thus giving parents who couldn’t otherwise afford to pay for lodgings, the confidence to entrust their daughters away from home. Our boarding house project is a simple, efficient and cost effective way to ease the challenges facing girls’ access to schools.

The EFA boarding houses are completely free. Not only that, but they are a place where they have additional study support from volunteers, access to computers and lots of space to develop personal skills so they have the ability and confidence to aim as high as University. Read more about us.


As the heading says, all 30 of the girls at EFA who took their baccalaureate (end of secondary school exams) this year have passed with flying colours! Why is this so incredible? Because these girls may never have made it to secondary school simply because they lived too far away or their families were too poor. With the ongoing support of PURE, EFA has been able to run boarding houses so these girls could go to secondary school and prove what they are capable of. A new future awaits them and we are so proud to know them and see all they have achieved and worked so hard for.

Changing Worlds

We are extremely excited about a short documentary about EFA which we hope to show you at PURE. The film is produced by Juliet Kinsman and filmed/edited by Kuba Nowak. It sensitively captures the lives, dreams and unstoppable determination of the EFA girls and their house mothers. More information can be downloaded in the PDF document, Changing Worlds, or visit us at Pure Stand K06.

Here is a taster of what will be a very uplifting, heart-moving and magical window into the world of the girls whose lives are being changed by EFA's boarding houses …

   Watch on Vimeo